CIS solid state low light detector


High sensitivity: high response rate in the 400-1100nm band, the laboratory can measure clearly and continuously under 6.5x10-4︱ux illumination

Low power consumption: SENSOR+DSP has a minimum power consumption of 850mW

Compact structure: SENSOR+DSP, standard size 38mm x 38mm x 26mm, minimum size Φ28.2mm x 10.9mm

Strong scalability: It can be extended and used according to the specific needs of users. Currently, standard components SENSOR+DSP are provided, FPGA, OLED, etc. are optional.
More Details

Low illumination CMOS image sensor (CIS) uses the latest CMOS image sensor technology to carry out innovative designs in the field of sensors and reading circuits to improve the sensitivity, signal-to-noise ratio and dynamic range of CMOS image sensors to achieve imaging under low light conditions.

As a new type of solid-state micro-optical device, CIS does not require a vacuum environment or high voltage compared with traditional vacuum micro-optical devices. It can complete photoelectric conversion, processing, amplifying and reading out image signals in semiconductor materials. The whole process can be digitized in the device, and it has the advantages of high sensitivity, small size, light weight, low power consumption, and strong scalability. It can be widely used in military, security, industry, scientific research and other fields.

Product application: night vision system (handheld, rifle sight, helmet, etc.), day and night sighting system, vehicle-mounted, airborne imaging system, laser guidance, security monitoring, industrial testing, aerospace, medical equipment.


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