Image Intensifier Tube Gen 2+ Inverter Tubes(anvis type)

Image Intensifier Tubes for Weapon Sights, Marine Resource Exploration, High-Speed Imaging, Photon Counting, Astronomical Observation; X-ray Imaging, Security Detection System.

Product features: inverted image sphere/inverted image plane/forward sphere/forward plane; automatic gate control, large diameter/small diameter; close focus, low distortion; adjustable gain and output brightness; wire/contact input interface; wide Spectral, fast response.

All specifications can be set in accordance with Customers' requirement.

More Details

The image intensifier generation 2+ has greatly improved the signal-to-noise ratio, transfer function, resolution, etc., which makes it have a higher spectral response in a wide wavelength range, and can be obtained for various observation scenarios. Better contrast, no matter what kind of background the jungle, desert, coast, water surface, snow, etc. have an excellent observation effect. The image intensifier is equipped with a power supply with automatic shutter characteristics and can automatically adjust the gain. It can work day and night around the clock, and can obtain excellent images at night and during the day.

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