• - ABOUT US -

    SmartSensor is a professional design and manufacture of thermal imaging, night vision, infrared camera systems, has nearly 20 years of products' development and production experience.


    We have a large number of personnel of research and development of cutting-edge technology in the industry and security. We create a platform for technical exchange with domestic universities.


    Our independent R & D team develop our products from key components to finished products. Leading core technology, strong R & D capability and innovative team spirit brings us strong competitiveness.


    Our products include Image Intensifier Tubes, Uncooled Infrared Detector, Uncooled Infrared Core, Infrared Thermal imaging Lens, Thermal Camera, Thermal imaging Lens, Thermal Imaging Scope, Night Vision System, Microdisplay, and other thermal imaging system produtcts, have a good reputation and market share in the industry, military and security.

  • - WHY US -

    We are a hi-tech company offering optical products design, fabrication as well as sales and service. With over 15 years experience in optical process, we have achieved remarkable progress and has gained reputation from worldwide customers in the area of infrared optics, visible optics , low light lever optics and optical system.


    The material: zone-refined germanium, single crystal germanium, germanium blank. The annual yield is 30 tons of germanium and 5 tons of optical silicon single crystal.


    Optical components: the high precision process and coating process with plano, spherical, aspherical, binary diffractive surface, high precision prism,reflective mirrors. The capability of aspherical surface is 200,000 pieces annually.


    Optical lens: series of infrared optical lens (zoom lens, athermalized infrared lens, super large focal length infrared lens, super wide fov infrared lens,) and high performance eye pieces.


    Lens application instruments: infrared microscope, optical instruments, oled displayer module with eye piece, infrared collimator, infrared radioactivity meter, binocular.

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