How to choose a thermal imaging zoom lens or a thermal imaging fixed focus lens

SmartSensor's thermal imaging lens

The thermal imaging effect focuses on the movement, and the choice of fixed focus and zoom thermal imaging depends on the specific project requirements.

Infrared thermal imaging lens

The difference between fixed focus and zoom thermal imaging:

1. The price difference is huge. For example, the price difference between 100mm fixed focus and 20-100mm zoom thermal imaging is nearly doubled. The price difference is so big, mainly because the zoom thermal imaging process is complicated, and multiple controllable lens groups need to be built in the zoom lens.

2. Performance difference. At a focal length of 100mm, the imaging effects of the two are the same. However, when looking at a close target within a range of 10 meters, due to the long focal length of the fixed-focus lens, the image of the close target is too large, but the whole thing cannot be seen. For example, when you see a person, you can only see part of the body. The zoom can be changed to 20mm focal length, and multiple targets can be seen within 10 meters.

3. According to these characteristics of fixed focus and zoom, zoom is usually selected in application fields that emphasize the need to observe people in both distance and prevent intrusion and theft.

thermal imaging zoom lens

In the field of forest fire prevention, the fire warning is usually several kilometers. The emphasis is on the fire alarm function of thermal imaging, rather than the observation of specific things, so the cost-effective fixed focus thermal imaging is usually selected. Because there is a fire in the vicinity of more than 10 meters, there is no need to zoom in the lens, which does not affect the thermal imaging alarm. Moreover, in the setting of the equipment, the usual practice is to set the cruise at the farthest focal length of 100mm to give full play to the maximum detection range of the equipment. If you use zoom thermal imaging, the short focal length will only be useful in presentations, and usually not in working conditions.

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