The ICMOS/ICCD consists of an image intensifier coupled with CMOS/CCD, which integrates the high sensitivity of the low-light direct-view imaging device and the low-light night vision camera device with the camera function of the TV imaging device. Using a fiber-coupled CMOS/CCD detector coupled with an image intensifier can combine the advantages of the two to make it have the advantages of high resolution, high frame rate, wide dynamic range, high sensitivity, compact size, light weight, fast imaging speed, etc.
    The EBAPS device is the latest development in the field of low-light night vision technology. It is a technology that can convert weak two-dimensional spatial optical images into digital video signals, and then turn them into images that applicable for human eye observation. The technology involves physical processes such as spectral conversion, enhancement, processing, recording, storage, readout, and display of images, then the low-light night vision technology has been transformed, improved, and enriched through digital technical means, so that digital technology and low-light night vision technology are perfectly integrated, which is a new direction for the development of low-light night vision technology.
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