• Solar Blind Ultraviolet Corona Camera

    Smartsensor, using existing technology of intensifier, developed the Ultraviolet(UV) intensifier of antimony cesium photocathode successfully, which is a type of double-close focus intensifier, with ultraviolet transparent quartz glass for the input window. Based on the manufacturing process technology of the UV intensifier, solar blind-UV imaging detection module is developed for imaging detection of the band of solar blind-UV, bonding with technology of the optical design and processing of electronic signal. It consists of solar blind-UV coupled assembly, optical assembly of solar blind-UV, and assembly of signal processing. This module can be designed according to different demands, with high sensitivity, excellent anti-interference ability, low power consumption, strong expansibility and other advantages.


    Therefore, it can be applied to many fields of military, security, industrial, and scientific research, such as UV warning, missile tracking, corona detection, fingerprint identification, forest fire prevention, and navigation of channel and port, etc.

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