0.4 inch 800*480 Micro OLED Display AMOLED microdisplay WVGA041

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WVGA041 is a 0.4 inch AMOLED microdisplay which has WVGA (800×480) resolution. The product series comprise full color, mono white, mono green and mono red display. Full digital video signal process and 804*3*484 driver units are integrated on the silicon substrate which is fabricated in 0.18μm CMOS technology. Input video signal is compatible with ITU-R BT.601/656 standard and supports 8/16/24 bit video format. The display mode, direction, position, brightness, contrast, R/G/B offset and gamma correction can be controlled by a two-wire serial communication interface. I/O level is compatible with 1.8~3.3V CMOS standard. WVGA041 can be used in various near-to-eye systems.



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