Thermal camera and blackbody all in one body temperauture measurement for COVID-19
Don't need to install software, just connect to the display, plug and use.

Low cost.

Suitable for public places such as a subway, airport, wharf, station, shopping mall and other places with high traffic.

Automatic face detection and snapshot technology can accurately detect forehead temperature with an accuracy of .0.3°C.

OS-FACE-DM60 has an automatic temperature algorithm based on AI technology and requires no intervention by onsite staff. Accurately identifies and counts the number of people passing by while quickly analyzing individual body temperature.
More Details

Quick Detection

Large streams of people can be measured and detected within .05 seconds.

The temperature resolution of the instrument can reach ±0.3°C, which is suitable for long distance in high volume traffic areas.

Discrete Measurement
Measurement can be carried out without the complete knowledge of the detected object.

Great User Experience
Multi-visual presentation with strong operability, affinity, scientific, and technological capabilities.


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