Binocular Night Vision Helmet

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Magnification: 1x
Other functions: with auxiliary lighting system
Field of view: 38°
Working time:> 15h
Focusing range: 250mm~∞
Storage temperature: -50C ~ +60C
Diopter adjustment range: +2 diopters ~ -5 diopters
Working temperature: -40C ~ +50°C
Interpupillary distance adjustment range: 52mm~ 71mm
Weight: 600g observation mirror
Face mask 240g
Image intensifier: second generation
Power supply: two AA batteries
Resolution: ≤1.59mrad (target contrast 85%, reflectivity 90%, illumination 1x 10-1x)
Reference line-of-sight: Under clear, moonless and starlight conditions 

Detection Range:  Human: 300 to 500 meters, vehicles 500  to 800 meters.
Recognition Range: Human 200 to 300 meters, vehicles  300 to 500 meters

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