CMOS Gun Sight

CMOS riflescope has the characteristics of working day and night, strong concealment without night lighting, high reliability, long life, and low power consumption. It is suitable for observation and aiming in day and night, night or low-illumination environments.
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CMOS gun sight
Magnification: 4.8*
Exit pupil diameter: 5 mm
Field of view: 4.5°x 3.4°
Exit pupil distance: 50mm
Focusing range: 10m~ ∞
Weight: <1000g
Diopter adjustment range: + 2 diopters ~-5 diopters
Resolution: ≤0.5mrad (illuminance 1x 10-1 |x, contrast 85%), ≤3.2mrad (illuminance 1x 10-2 Ix, contrast 85%)
Power supply: a 1 8650 rechargeable lithium battery
Continuous working time≥4h

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