Cooled 576x4 scanning thermal imager CLD-SCAN

CLD-SCAN 576x4 scanning thermal imager can be widely used to search and identify targets in border and coastal defense projects at night or in bad weather conditions, with a wide and narrow field of view and electric focus function. It can be used for early warning monitoring of border and coastal defense, offshore patrol platform, early warning and defense platform of key areas, vehicle carrier platform, etc.
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Detector: Cooled 576x4

NETD: 180mK

Field of view 

WFOV>7.5° x5.63°
(±10%) (H XV) 

NFOV>2.5° x1.88 ° 
(±10%) (H XV) 
NFOV has 2 times electric zoom

Working temperature: -40­°C~+60­°C

Ready time: ≤10min

Weight: <6kg

Size: 253x181x118mm

Effecting Distance: 

When the product is in the state of visibility is ≥8KM, environment temperature is 20±10­°C, relative humidity ≤70%, tempernture difference between target and background ≥3KM-5KM,
the effecting distance to Tank (2.3mx2.3m) : 
Detection range≥10.0km, Recognition range≥4.5km 

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