Cooled Medium Wave High-performance Digital Infrared Imaging Module

The infrared digital imaging component integrates the signal processing part that is originally separated from the detector component, and the biggest technological advancement is that the analog signal processing is advanced to the detector end, realizing the shortest transmission distance of the analog signal, and the detector output signal can be directly entered Processing in the digital domain maximizes the quality of the detector's signal processing.
More Details

Detector: Cooled medium wave 640x 512
Output image signal format: CameraLink format
Detector signal digital output digits: ≥14bit
Power consumption: ≤5W (excluding chiller power consumption)
Frame rate: 100Hz
Dimensions: ≤160mm x 75mm x 65mm
Serial digital output rate: ≥300MHz
Weight: ≤1kg
Imaging component NETD: ≤20mK

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