FAST multifunctional Helmet with AR-IR glasses thermal imaging fever detector for COVID-19

Based on artificial intelligence algorithms such as visual recognition, deep learning, and integrated command and dispatch, and infrared thermal imaging temperature measurement technology, our company released the “FAST temperature measurement helmet” to help personnel inspection, temperature measuring and control in traffic police, emergency, counter-terrorism, anti-drug, peacekeeping and other scenarios. The system adopts our company's professional optimization algorithm, so that temperature can accurately measured even in a large facial area of occlusion , and promptly alarm in real time.
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The system has real-time temperature measurement with high accuracy, multi-person concurrency, high traffic efficiency, and no congestion.

This product is integrated design based on FAST standard helmet. On the basis of the original helmet wearing function, AR display, face recognition, command dispatch, infrared temperature detection, high temperature alarm, personal vital sign detection and other functions have been added to grant brand new scenarios for the helmet.


1 Contactless full-frame human temperature measurement: non-refrigerated real-time high-sensitivity thermal imaging, long-distance non-contact temperature measurement of human body surface temperature;

2 High frame rate up to 15Hz for temperature measurement, close to real-time imaging with naked eyes;

3 Temperature measurement accuracy: ± 0.5 ℃ without markers, ± 0.3 ℃ with markers;

4 Temperature measurement range: The system temperature measurement range is 32 ~ 50 ℃;

5 Multi-target automatic measurement: The system provides real-time dynamic thermal image, which can realize multi-target automatic measurement, fast and accurate;

6 Automatic correction: The system is an intelligent temperature measurement, which can realize the automatic correction of body surface temperature;

7 High-definition face capture: adopt high-definition 200W pixel network camera to capture high-definition face images;

8 Personnel inspection from the first perspective: self-developed algorithms, dynamic, high-speed, multi-face detection snapshots, peer analysis, blacklist deployment, and coordinated command operations;

9 Automatic face matching: visible face photos and infrared faces are automatically matched for easy eye recognition and traceability

10 Real-time recording: real-time recording of personnel and body temperature, automatic early warning of suspected fever

11 Fusion Command Scheduling: Fusion Command Scheduling with the command center, other helmet objects, and drones through self-developed HiLeia system

12 Marker calibration: The high-profile version can be equipped with markers, automatically and accurately calibrated to completely eliminate temperature drift, and the device can work stably and reliably for many years without being disturbed by environmental temperature;

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