Handheld Multifunctional Thermal Imaging Binocular HS-1000

The HS-1000 handheld multifunctional thermal imager can observe, locate and record all-weather targets on the ground, in the air and at sea. The product can be used portable or fixed, and can be used in individual combat, public security investigations, border patrols, customs anti-smuggling, forest fire prevention, security monitoring, target search and rescue, administrative law enforcement and other fields.
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Product features: dual-field infrared thermal imaging function; equipped with 10x continuous zoom color visible light camera; equipped with GPS global positioning system and electronic compass, which can accurately locate the coordinates and orientation of the target, real-time video recording, convenient for later playback analysis; equipped with binocular OLED high-definition display, IP67 protection level, which can be completely dustproof, waterproof, and impact resistant, dual light fusion (infrared image and visible light image fusion).

Detector: 324x 256 uncooled vanadium oxide
Spectral range: 8μm ~ 14μm
CCD specifications:
10x zoom lens, F1.8(W) ~ 2.9(T), f=4.2mm ~ 42mm,
4.9°x3.7° to 46.4°x35.6° continuous zoom

Infrared optical system:
90mm/40mm, F1.2,
Narrow field of view 7.73°x5.8", wide field of view 17.3 x13°
Power system:
DC power supply 9V, battery 7.2V, power consumption 4W, battery working time is about 4 hours,
The battery is a standard 7.2V lithium battery, easy to buy

Detection distance:
2km for people, 3km for vehicles
Recognition distance:
1km for people, 1.5km for vehicles

Electronic compass:
Pointing accuracy 0.5°RMS, inclination accuracy 0.3°
The positioning accuracy is s10m, and the update rate is 20Hz.
Environmental specifications: MIL-STD-810
Physical characteristics:
Maximum size 270x220x88mm,
Weight 2.5kg

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