Handheld Night Vision Monocular WH20-2

Civilian Micro-optic Night Vision Devices
More Details
 Maximum viewing distance  100~136m(Ambient illumination10-2Lux)
 Magnification  2×
 Field  >18º
 Physical environment focus  50mm
 Lens aperture  40mm
 Focus Range  0.5m~∞
 Diopter adjustment range  -4~+4D
 Power supply voltage  3.0V
 Battery Type  Two batteries of 5
 Dimensions  180×80×60mm3
 Weight  0.5kg
 IR LED  Built (distance of 15-25m)
 Glare protection  Automatic light protection

It is a night-vision device, small and portable.

The device can convert faint target images into high-brightness images through the image intensifier so as to achieve the purpose of observing in weak light.
Such as night wildlife observation, nighttime security of farms, villas and industrial/mining enterprises, as well as night entertainment.

Due to the streamlined design, the device has elegant appearance, more comfortable handheld use, good switching hand feel, convenience and reliability.

In addition, it has voltage stabilization and automatic antiglare function and excellent performance.


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