Handheld Thermal Imager Monocular SFJ-1

Detector: 324x25 (unrefrigerated steel oxide)
Spectral range: 8μm~ 14μm
Field of view: 8.2°x6.2°

Detection distance:
For people: 1.5km
For vehicle: 3km

Recognition distance:
For people: 0.8km
For vehicle: 1.5km

Weight: 1.6kg
More Details

SFJ-1 handheld series uncooled thermal imager is a high-performance portable infrared thermal imager with independent intellectual property rights. Without the help of any light, a clear target image can be observed through a heat map formed by a small temperature difference (0.05°C) between objects under various climatic conditions (night, fog, smoke and dust).

It can be used for detecting, observing and aiming targets day and night, and can be used in different regions and environments. It is especially suitable for finding hidden persons, vehicles, ships, airplanes and other stationary or moving objects at night.

It can be widely used in urban anti-terrorism, police investigation, border and coastal defense patrol and other purposes. The product is highly adaptable, and can be powered by adapters, batteries, and vehicle power sources in urban, outdoor and other environments, and display images in a variety of ways (eyepieces, portable displays, ordinary displays).

    Product features: high product performance and price ratio; 100mm focal length infrared optical system; equipped with high-performance uncooled detectors; a variety of product accessories can be selected according to customer use.

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