Handheld Thermal Imaging Monocular HS-20

Detection distance: for people: 0.15km, for cars: 0.35km
Display mode: OLED eyepiece display
Power supply mode: battery powered
Control method: button control
Life time: 4h
Size: 180x 65x65mm (length x width x height)
Weight: 0.39kg
More Details

HS-20 handheld uncooled thermal imaging camera, using the latest generation of uncooled focal plane detector developed infrared thermal imaging general components, advanced signal processing technology and component modular design technology, it has good image quality, small size, weight Lightweight, high reliability, easy to use and other advantages.

It can be used for surveillance, rescue, and reconnaissance without any light. It can be used for monitoring in dark potholes, tunnels, underground parking lots, and oilfield perimeters. It is widely used in military reconnaissance, public security border defense, forest fire prevention, and industrial inspection. Observe, track and monitor targets around the clock.

Main functions: real-time imaging of infrared scenes and targets, manual focusing, shutter correction, gain adjustment, brightness adjustment, direct eyepiece display (including: shading goggles, diopter can be manually adjusted), infrared lens can be replaced (including: lens protective cover ), rechargeable battery pack (replaceable), power display, external power input interface (Micro USB), video output interface, universal mechanical interface (camera interface); one-handed, non-slip, hand strap and shoulder strap, drop ( 1 meter height) protection, rainproof, LED lighting.

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