Helmet Nigh Vision Device WT312-2+

WT312-2+ type low-light night vision device can convert a weak target image into a high-brightness image through the enhancer , so as to achieve the purpose of observation in the low light .

It can be used for mine search and rescue , night reading ,night driving , night patrol and so on
More Details
Maximum Viewing Distance:

(Environmental illuminance10-2LUX) magnification:1X
Exit Pupil Diameter:16mm
Oxyopter Regulating Range: -4~+4D
Power supply voltage: 1.5V
Battery Model: 1 AA battery
Dimensions: 180*90*55
Auxiliary Infrared Lighting: built-in ((action distance 15-25m) environmental temperature
Storage Temperature: -50~+60
Working Temperature: -40~+50
weight: 450g
Weight Including Wearing Tool: 700g

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