Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera All-weather Forest Fire Prevention Monitoring and Warning System

Single set of surveillance radius: daytime: ≥15km; night: ≥10km

Single set of effective monitoring area: within 30 square kilometers (calculated according to the plane sector method), the fire source (1 meter x 1 meter) can be found

Fire response time: ≤10 seconds.

Operating temperature range: -40C ~+55C

MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure): ≥10000 hours

MTTR (Mean Time to Repair): ≤60 minutes

Working voltage: AC220V
More Details

Infrared thermal imaging all-weather forest fire prevention monitoring and early warning system is mainly based on forest fire monitoring, applying international advanced infrared thermal imaging technology, combining wireless transmission and network remote control functions, combining GIS technology, infrared fog penetration technology, and digital image processing technology And other high-tech products integrated in the forest fire early warning management.

Infrared thermal imaging technology is a new stage in the development of night vision technology. It is a high and new technology developed by countries all over the world. Infrared thermal imaging has the ability to work all-weather and good ability to penetrate smoke, anti-interference and anti-stealth capabilities, and has excellent photoelectric concealment. It is not only the indispensable high-tech equipment for the army, navy, and air force to carry out night surveillance, reconnaissance, aiming, strike, command, tracking, guidance, navigation, rescue, etc. , Industrial monitoring and other fields also have very broad application prospects.

The main function:

Installed on a watchtower on the top of a mountain or high ground;

The gimbal integrates all infrared thermal imaging cameras, visible light cameras and DVS;

Horizontal and vertical rotation, 7*24 hours fire detection;

PTZ supports data return and angle jump;

Reach IP66 protection level.

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