Infrared thermal imaging fever detector screening for COVID-19

The contactless temperature check system, combining infrared thermal imaging body temperature rapid screening equipment and dynamic face detection system, is developed for epidemic prevention and control, especially in large in-out flow , and non-stop detection scenarios such as metro stations and airports.
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160P Contactless Temperature Check Thermal Network System can be used in the entrance of areas with high population density such as shopping malls and train stations. It can conduct temperature testing of incoming and outgoing personnel. Alarming the epidemic prevention staff directly, form a report, record and analyze the health status of employees.

1. Non-connect Full Frame Body Temperature Measurement:Uncooled real-time high-sensitivity Thermography,quick screening long distance,wide coverage without any contact;

2. Temperature Measurement High frame rate:15Hz;

3. Tempreature accuracy:±0.5 ℃(without blackbody),±0.3 ℃(with blackbody);

4. Temperature range:32~50℃;

5. Multiple target automatic measurement:real-time dynamic thermal image, fast and accurate multiple target automatic measurement;

6. Automatic calibration:smart temperature measurement, automatically calibrate the body's surface temperature;

7. HD Face Image Capturing:2 million pixel HD network camera;

8. Face recognition based on deep learning :Dynamic face recognition algorithm with independent intellectual property rights, multi-face detection with high speed;

9.Face elastic matching:Automatic matching of visible faces and infrared faces for easy recognition and traceability;

10. Real-time recording:personnel and body temperature recording, automatic fever warning;

11. Face recognition:listed and non-listed personnel automatic identificaiton according to the list database with a high configeration, for classified and meticulous management;

12. Blackbody calibration:The high-profile version can be configured with blackbody, automatic high-precision calibration, work stably and reliably for many years without being interfered by environment temperature.

Face Temperature Analysis Terminal

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