Long-distance Micro-optic Observation Device HG200

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The device adopts big-aperture micro-optic objective lens and second-generation image intensifier. Big-eyepiece double-eye observation makes observers feel more comfortable. It can rotate 360° through its own bracket, is capable of 90° lying-on-back/abdomen observation, and can also be used for angle measurement and approximate ranging. In addition, it can be equipment with a micro-optic monitoring system to display micro-optic images through the television system, applicable to the surveillance investigation work of border defense, public security, security and other important departments.
Technical parameters:
Horizon: Identify staff: 700m found staff: 1000m
Objective lens aperture: 200m
Magnification: 4.8X
Field of View: 5.6 °
Focus range: 50m ~ ∞
Fixed as the degree of:-2D
Weight: 13kgs
LLL tube: II


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