Long Range Laser Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera ITC-3C

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DetectorHJK-F1 Long wave uncooledHJK-F2 Long wave uncooledHZM001 Cool Medium wave zoomHZM002 Cool Medium wave zoom
Detection distanceMan: 3.5km
Vehicle: 6.5km
Man: 5km
Vehicle: 7.5km
Man: 7.5km
Vehicle: 10km
Man: 9km
Vehicle: 13km
Recognition distanceMan: 1.8km
Vehicle: 3.4km
Man: 2.5km
Vehicle: 4km
Man: 4km
Vehicle: 5km
Man: 5km
Vehicle: 7km
Visible light channel: 50X zoom HD camera Video tracking module (optional): can track targets in the scene
Laser channel (optional): 10KM laser ranging systemIntelligent analysis module (optional): intelligently analyze and alert the video
Outdoor PTZ: Heavy-duty intelligent variable speed PTZElectronic compass GPS (optional): real-time feedback monitoring location information
Sealed nitrogen-filled protective cover: IP66 protection   

ITC-3C adopts a modular design concept. The three-channel optical axes of the thermal imager, laser ranging system, and CCD camera system are parallel to each other, which can realize the output of two analog video signals in the infrared and visible light bands of the target and background (the two bands are independent of each other) ), if necessary, the target can be ranged according to the overall instructions. Optional refrigerated or non-refrigerated detectors.

Intrusion alarm: The monitoring head integrates a high-performance video alarm module, based on infrared thermal imaging video, intelligently analyzes the target behavior in the fixed guard area in the intrusion field of view, and provides an alarm trigger signal for the alarm system.

Excellent working distance: equipped with dual-field infrared optical system and high-sensitivity large-area array refrigerated or uncooled infrared detector assembly; multi-focal length combination design, which not only meets the needs of large-scale search, but also has long The range of action.

The cavity is completely sealed and filled with nitrogen: it not only takes into account the excellent performance of the product, but also greatly improves the maintainability and reliability of the product. Three-light path modular design: thermal imager, CCD camera system, and laser ranging system work independently to ensure that the thermal imager’s optical path is coaxial with the laser ranging optical path to realize the discovery, warning or ranging of the same target. The cavity is sealed and filled with nitrogen, which greatly improves the maintainability and reliability of the system.

High compatibility and ease of use: The interface is fully compatible with the CCTV network video surveillance system. It is directly wired according to industry standards and can be used after power up, realizing true plug and play.

Remote control: Customers can arbitrarily choose their desired network transmission equipment to connect with ITC-3C, and transmit the real-time video signal of the thermal imager and high-definition CCD camera system to the monitoring center, and easily realize remote control (thermal image field switching, laser Ranging, CCD zoom, pan-tilt rotation and alarm condition setting, etc.).

High maintainability and reliability (designed for harsh environments): Military-grade design standards ensure the product's extremely high environmental adaptability.

Motion detection function: When the screen changes, the system will detect the movement of the tracking target, such as people or vehicles passing by, the system will automatically send out an alarm signal.

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