Long wave 640x512 three-field cooled infrared thermal imager CLT-01

CLT-01 thermal imager is a three-field infrared thermal imager developed for the search and track market and integrated platform of remote observation and capture, which has a strong ability to identify targets. At the same time, the product has three field of view, large field of view for observation and search, small field of view for target identification, tracking and aiming. The product adopts long wave 640x512 cooled detector, which has strong anti-interference ability for rain and fog weather and good adaptability to the battlefield environment.
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Detector: Cooled 640x512

Spectral response: 8µm-12µm

NETD: ≤40mK

Field of view 

WFOV: 24.0°x19.2° 
MFOV: 6°X4.8° 
NFOV: 1.0°x0.8° 
Electric zoom: 2X

Working temperature: -50­°C~+70­°C

Ready time: ≤10min

Weight: 6.5kg

Size: 323x123.5x256mm

Effecting Distance: 

When the product is in the state of visibility is ≥15KM, relative humidity ≤70%, tempernture difference between target and background ≥3KM, Transmittance of photoelectric turret window glass=90%,
the effecting distance to Tank (6mX3mX3m) : 
Detection range≥15km, Recognition range≥10km 

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