Long-wave cooled 640*512 infrared thermal imager CLD-01

CLD-01 is an infrared thermal imager developed for multi-purpose search and tracking market, which is developed of long-wave cooled 640*512 detector components.
It can be flexibly applied in various platforms and scenes, and has a strong ability to identify targets.
At the same time, the long wave 640*512 cooled detector adopted has strong anti-interference ability with rain and fog weather and good adaptability to the battlefield environment.
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Detector: Cooled 640x512

Spectral response: 8µm-12µm

NETD: ≤45mK

Field of view 

NFOV: 2.9°x1.52° WFOV: 5°x4°

Working temperature: -10­°C~+55­°C

Ready time: ≤10min

Weight: 7.5kg

Size: 450x295x208mm

Effecting Distance: 

When the product is in the state of visibility is ≥8KM, environment temperature is 20±10­°C, relative humidity ≤70%, tempernture difference between target and background ≥3KM,
the effecting distance to Tank (2.3mx2.3m) : 
Detection range≥10.0km, Recognition range≥7.5km 


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