Microlight Gun Sight 830

Product description:

The infrared laser sight is a portable, active night target indicating the target device.

By firing a beam of infrared laser tube infrared laser, after focusing condenser system, through the filter filter, forming a beam through the low night vision viewer can be observed that the diameter of the small infrared laser beam.

The infrared laser beam forms a bright spot on the target, which is used by the head-mounted night vision goggles to achieve the purpose of observation and aiming.
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Technical indicators:
 Performance indicators
 Infrared laser wavelength 830mm
 Laser power 3mv
 Light spot size 3cm(At 30 m)
 Working current Less than 50 ma
 Adjusting range The height is not less than or equal to; The direction is not less than or equal to 15.
 Adjust the accuracy 0.5 secret per file
 Working temperature -20℃~+40℃
 Working voltage 2.6~3.2V(dc)
 power A CR123A lithium battery
 weight (3V)200g
 volume 142*46*46mm3


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