Microlight Night Vision PS40

Civilian Micro-optic Night Vision Devices
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Product application:
PS40 night vision is the latest and most advanced night vision optical system, which can be used in both day and night. It is installed in front of the white light mirror for night use.
Performance indicators

A) range of action:
300 ~ 500 m
B) optical performance:
1) magnification: 1 times.
2) view: > 13 ゜
3) eye distance: 25mm.
4) objective lens: 40mm.
5) continuous working time: 50h.
C) weight:Machine weight (including battery) 0.84 kg.
D) size: 185mm * 80mm * 73mm.
E) working voltage: 3V.
F) power supply: CR123A battery.

Product features:
It is easy to convert white light into night vision.
Installed in front of the white mirror, do not need to reset zero
Multi-coating and all-glass optical system
External remote control
The product can be disassembled and installed quickly
Automatic light control
Strong light protection system
Used in harsh environment.

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