Mid-wave 320x256 cooled thermal imager CMD-01

CMD-01 thermal imager adopts mid-wave 320x256 cooled focal plane detector components and modular design. Each module has independent functions and interfaces, which can produce real-time infrared imaging of ground and sea targets and scenes, and real-time output SDI and PAL video images.
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Detector: Cooled 320x256

Spectral response: 3.7µm-4.8µm

NETD: ≤80mK

Field of view 

FOV(HXV)(6.3°X5.1°) (1±10%),
NFOV (HXV) (2.1°X1.7°) (1±5%), 
Electric zoom (HXV) (1.05°x0.85°) (1±5%)

Working temperature: -20­°C~+55­°C

Ready time: ≤8min

Weight: ≤5kg

Size: 228x182x117mm

Effecting Distance: 

When the product is in the state of visibility is 20KM, environment temperature is 20±10­°C, relative humidity ≤70%, tempernture difference between target and background ≥6KM, recognition probability is 50%, 
the effecting distance to target on the groung (2.3mX3.2m) : 
Detection range≥6km, Recognition range≥3.5km 

The effecting distance to target on the sea (30mx10m) : Recognition range: ≥20km

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