Military Grade Muti Function Handheld Thermal Binocular

The multifunctional handheld thermal imaging camera has infrared, visible light observation, GPS positioning, orientation and laser ranging functions, which can realize the observation target under day and night and bad weather conditions.
More Details

1. Infrared channel
Detector 1: 384x288 uncooled focal plane detector
Detector 2: 640 x 512 uncooled focal plane detector
Field of view|: 9°x6.75°;field of view|I: 10°x7.5°
Recognition distance 1: For vehicles ≥1200m; for people ≥550m
Recognition distance 2: For vehicles ≥1500m; for people ≥700m

2. Visible light CCD channel
CCD: 1/3, 752 x 582 pixels
Field of view: 9°x 6.75°
Recognition distance: vehicle ≥1200m; person ≥550m

3. Laser ranging
1): Measuring range for typical targets (visibility≥10km): 20m ~2000m
2): Measuring range for typical targets (visibility≥10km): 50m ~4500m

4. GPS positioning accuracy: ≤10m
5. Orientation accuracy of electronic compass (tilt angle is 0°): ≤0.5°
6. Overall performance
Power supply mode: four 18650 lithium batteries; start-up time: ≤15s
Working time: ≥3h;
Weight: ≤1.7kg


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