Military Grade Muti-Function Portable Infrared Thermal imaging Binocular

Detector: 640x 512 uncooled focal plane detector
Field of view: ≥8.8°x 6.6°
Power supply mode: lithium battery 7.4V
Working band: 8μm~ 14 μm
Whole machine power consumption: ≤3.5W
Start-up time: ≤10s
Recognition distance: detection to car ≥ 2Km, to person ≥ 1Km
Battery continuous working time: ≥3h
Weight: ≤1.7kg
More Details

Using uncooled infrared focal plane thermal imaging core components, it has the characteristics of small size, light weight, long working distance and easy operation. The product can be used both day and night, and has the ability to penetrate smoke and fog. It can see the target "through" the jungle and certain shelters. The product is suitable for aiming, observation and searching.

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