Military Grade Muti-Function Portable Thermal Binocular

It integrates visible light CCD, laser ranging, GPS/Beidou positioning second generation, electronic compass, data recording and other functions in one. It has the characteristics of low power consumption, small size, light weight, compact structure, easy operation, and portability to complete the target Detection, aiming, ranging and positioning.
More Details

Detector: uncooled long wave 640x 512 vanadium oxide
GPS: positioning accuracy ≤ 10m
Infrared system: field of view: 6.1°x4.6°
CCD: Field of view 6.1° x4.6°
Electronic compass: accuracy ≤0.5°
Electronic magnification: 2x
Battery: 4 lithium batteries 18650
Laser ranging: laser ranging range: 20m ~ 4km
Battery continuous working time: ≥3h
Ranging accuracy: 5m
Dimensions: 275mm x 225mm x 120mm
Weight: 3.1kg
Operating distance:
For people moving upright, the detection distance is ≥2km, and the recognition distance is ≥1km
For vehicles, detection distance ≥5km, recognition distance ≥2.2km

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