Monocular Night Vision Helmet

The product has the characteristics of light structure, clear imaging, convenient carrying and comfortable wearing. It is suitable for driving, walking, reading, maintenance, medical rescue, observation and monitoring under dark conditions.
More Details

Magnification: 1 times;
Field of view: 50°
Diopter adjustment range: -5 ~ +3 diopters
Exit pupil distance: 1 5mm
Adjusting: focus range: 250mm ~ infinity
Exit pupil diameter: φ 7mm
Weight: less than 500g (without battery)
Interpupillary distance range: 52 ~ 71mm
Operating distance: not less than 150m

Resolution: When the background reflectance is 90%, the resolution is shown in the table:
Target contrast      Illuminance (|x)           On-axis resolution (mrad)
85% ~ 95%                 1x 10-1                             1.4
35% ~ 40%                 1 x 10-3                            2.5

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