Multi-function Night Vision Monocular Aw-2

Aw-2 monocular multi-function night vision is a high performance multi-purpose night vision product, with single, double barrel hand-held observation; It can also be mounted on a helmet or head for observation; Or mounted on a gun for targeting. You can observe, walk, drive, aim at shooting, consult map, vehicle repair and search and rescue at night.

This product is widely used in night force operations, public security armed police and national key department security and so on.
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Technical indicators


Field of view







Performance characteristics:

1. Built-in infrared illuminator to ensure the use in full black condition.
2. Camera interface, providing night camera and video function.
3. Automatic brightness adjustment.
4. Automatic strong light protection.
5. Waterproof and shockproof design.
6. It can be exchanged between 1 and 3 times of the objective lens system according to the requirements.
7. Two aw-2 connections are combined into a double-tube night vision device through the connecting bracket.



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