Multi-object Infrared Thermal Imaging Human Temperature Screening System for Coronavirus

The infrared imaging temperature screening system can effectively realize the temperature screening of dense population, and is suitable for the auxiliary prevention and control of epidemic in airports, stations, hospitals, schools, factories, residential areas and
other places.
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1. The equipment is easy to deploy and install;
2. Infrared full field of view real-time temperature measurement, high efficiency of temperature measurement;
3. Non-contact measurement ensures the safety of front-line personnel and greatly reduces the risk of infection;
4. Multi-person simultaneous detection avoids single point inefficient measurement of the forehead temperature gun without causing queue congestion;
5. Equipped with standard blackbody reference, high precision of human body temperature measurement, strong environmental
6. Automatic identification and screening, abnormal temperature alarm, warning temperature value can be customized;
7. It has the function of sound and light exceeding threshold and image alarm;
8. It can realize face recognition and multi-object temperature measurement on computer
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