Multifunction Image Intensifier Night Vision Gun Sight

The low light level sight integrates the functions of observation and aiming, measuring the target distance, and setting the weapon's firing angle. It has the characteristics of small size, light weight, high aiming accuracy, good reliability, and convenient carrying. It can be used as a night sight. It can also be used for night observation as an observation command mirror.

It is mainly used to observe, monitor, and assist firearms aiming and shooting at night for frontier armed police and public security personnel.
More Details

Image intensifier: generation 2+

Power supply mode: CR2

Magnification: 4X

Working time:> 40h

Field of view: 10°

Whole machine weight: 1.3kg

Exit pupil distance: 28mm

Operating distance: upright personnel (1.7m x 0.6m) ≥ 350m.

Exit pupil diameter: middle 7mm

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