Multifunctional Vehicle/Ship-mounted Thermal Imaging Camera HJK-2C

Detector: 324 x 256 uncooled vanadium oxide
Spectral range: 8μm~ 14μm
NETD: ≤80 mK
CCD array: 752 x 582.
Field of view: 13.2°x 10.4°
Detection distance: for people: 0.7 km; for vehicles: 1.6 km
Recognition distance: for people: 0.3 km; for cars: 0.8 km
More Details

The HJK-2Cmini miniaturized multifunctional mobile monitoring system is equipped with an infrared thermal imager and a visible light camera dual-channel photoelectric system, which can detect potential threats and hidden intruders in total darkness and changeable weather conditions, which can satisfy users at night and Use under weak light conditions. It can expose intrusions hidden in the dark and changeable weather, and eliminate the influence of obstacles such as dust, fog and smoke.

The system has a built-in Beidou satellite navigation system (BDS), which can quickly view, analyze and directly locate infrared images in different regions through the Beidou system. Video information with built-in Beidou tags (time, location) can also be seamlessly integrated with map information. The miniaturized design allows the system to be used in different applications (vehicles, ships, aircraft).

The mobile monitoring infrared thermal imager is designed and produced in accordance with the military standard. The product protection level can reach IP66, and it has excellent waterproof, seismic and low-temperature performance. It is especially suitable for outdoor working environments such as vehicles and ships.

Mobile monitoring infrared camera products use a specially designed infrared optical system with automatic correction of uncooled detectors at the same time, so that the infrared camera can be free from operation during use, in order to achieve the purpose of ease of use.

HJK-2Cmini miniaturized multifunctional mobile monitoring system is a miniaturized dual-optical road thermal imaging camera product. The infrared part is equipped with a 35mm focal length infrared lens with a large depth of field, and clear images can be obtained at a distance of 0-500m. The camera uses a 30 times HD camera. The integrated design of the product and the pan-tilt, 360° continuous rotation, no dead angles for observation.

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