Night Vision Monocular WH35

Civilian Micro-optic Night Vision Devices

Night Vision Monocular WH35 is a large magnification , observation distance , good performance night observer.

This instrument can convert a weak target image into a high-brightness image through the image enhancer,so as to achieve the purpose of observation in the low light.

The instrument can be used for maritime search and rescue work. Observe the small fishing on the sea or the staff of the water to facilitate the implementation of the rescue of the Marine Guard . It can be also used for police night patrol and investigation ,prevent forest po
More Details
 Maximum viewing distance  150~360m(Ambient illumination10-2Lux)
 Magnification  3.5×
 Field  >10º
 Physical environment focus  100mm
 Lens aperture  60mm
 Focus Range  2m~∞
 Diopter adjustment range  -4~+4D
 Power supply voltage  3.0V
 Battery Type  A CR2 lithium battery
 Dimensions  360×100×75mm3
 Weight  0.9kg
 IR LED  Built (distance of 50-80m)
 Glare protection  Automatic light protection


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