Pocket-size Handheld Night Vision Monocular WH20

Civilian Micro-optic Night Vision Devices
More Details
 Maximum viewing distance  100~120m(Ambient illumination10-2Lux)
 Magnification  2×
 Field  >18º
 Physical environment focus  50mm
 Lens aperture  40mm
 Focus Range  0.5m~∞
 Diopter adjustment range  -4~+4D
 Power supply voltage  3.0V
 Battery Type  Two batteries of 5
 Dimensions  180×80×60mm3
 Weight  0.5kg
 IR LED  Built (distance of 15-25m)
 Glare protection  Automatic light protection

It is a night-vision device with excellent performance.

The device can convert faint target images into high-brightness images through the image intensifier so as to achieve the purpose of observing in weak light.
Such as night wildlife observation, nighttime security of farms, villas and industrial/mining enterprises, as well as night entertainment.


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