Second Generation Microlight Gun Aiming Mirror

Micro-optic Night Vision Gun Sight
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Technical indicators:

Tactical performance (visual range) : in the environment of illuminance is about 10-3 lux no month star night, medium contrast, can identify standing within 280 m of personnel, and to 500 m distance of the terrain, landform and effective observation of military targets.
Field magnification :3 times
Field :9 degrees
Eye distance: no less than 20MM
Focus range :10m to infinity
Range of visual adjustment:  -5 ~ +2 diopter
Scope of adjustment of the microscope: The height is not less than or equal to 15.
The direction is not less than or equal to 15.
Working temperature, A CR2 lithium battery
Weight: 1 kg
Size: 240 * 75 * 75 mm

Product description:

The second generation microlight gun aiming mirror is a portable high performance night sight equipment.
This instrument USES the second generation additive image intensifier to convert the weak target image into a high brightness image.
The product is to adjust the micro - light gun aim in the "do not", and the special interface can be connected with an 85 type 7.62mm or 88 5.8mm sniper rifle.
Equipped with a special mirror gun calibration instrument, it has the convenience of the school gun," not ", the bright and clear aim point of "not", the brightness can be adjusted, and the cost performance is high.
The product is a high - grade practical micro - light gun aim.

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