Small Online Thermal Imaging Camera HJK-Q

The infrared optical system of this series of monitoring thermal imagers is equipped with 20mm, 35mm, 50mm focal length infrared lenses with athermalization technology, and clear images can be obtained at a distance of 0-500m.
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HJK-Q miniaturized thermal imager can be used in industrial production testing, chemical industry, precision electronics. Equipping this series of thermal imaging products is like being equipped with special eyes that break through the dark cover and uncover all kinds of camouflage.

This series of monitoring thermal imaging cameras adopt componentized and standardized design, which can be quickly and easily installed on various vehicles and ships currently equipped. It can not only be installed in a fixed position to monitor the production process in real time, but also can be cured to vehicles and ships. It becomes a part of the auxiliary driving system for vehicles and ships, and can also be installed on various vehicles and ships temporarily and without damage.

This series of monitoring thermal imaging cameras are designed and produced in accordance with national military standards. The product's protection level can reach IP67, and it has excellent waterproof, anti-vibration, and low-temperature performance. It is especially suitable for monitoring in complex environments day and night, as well as outdoor working environments such as vehicles and ships.

This series of monitoring thermal imaging cameras use a specially designed infrared optical system with automatic correction of uncooled detectors at the same time, so that the infrared thermal imaging camera can be free from operation during use, in order to achieve the purpose of ease of use.

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