Sun-blind ultraviolet image intensifier

The ultraviolet light in the 200~280nm band is also called Sun-blind ultraviolet. The Sun-blind ultraviolet image intensifier is a double close-attachment focusing image intensifier with ultraviolet transparent quartz glass as the input window, and the output window can be a fiber optic invertor or a fiber optic panel. We have successfully developed an antimony cesium photocathode UV image intensifier using the existing image intensifier technology.
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The product adopts advanced technology, is not interfered by the visible spectrum, and can convert the weak, non-harmful ultraviolet radiation image into a visually visible image.

The main components of the Sun-blindUV image intensifier include antimony cesium photocathode, dual MCP, aluminum-plated phosphor screen, and a built-in integral power supply consisting of an oscillator and a voltage doubler.

Product features: not interfered by the visible spectrum; dual MCP; external CCD output electrical signal, digital recording and processing; close focus, low distortion; adjustable gain and output brightness.

Product application: ultraviolet alarm, ultraviolet communication; ultraviolet fingerprint recognition; ultraviolet corona meter; medical, industrial, scientific research; fluorescence analysis, particle detection, etc.

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