SWIR 32-320mm Motorized Continuous Zoom Lens

SWIR 32-320mm Motorized Continuous Zoom Lens

Short-wave infrared SWIR imaging is mainly based on the principle of target reflected light imaging. Its imaging features are similar to those of visible light grayscale images, but the imaging contrast is higher, and the target details are expressed more clearly. There is a main advantage of other technologies, that is, it can be carried out through glass. imaging. The short-wave infrared lens can adapt to all weather conditions, and its adaptability to climatic conditions and battlefield environments is significantly better than that of visible light imaging. It has low distortion, can extract image details in deeper shadows, and can penetrate windows. The optical configuration is simple and provides great flexibility when applied to a specific platform or occasion.
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Datasheet download
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Applicable Fixed Lens to InGaAs Camera(900~1700nm)

Focal Length: 32-320mm
Maximum Relative Aperture: 1:4.4
Iris : F4.4 - Close
Zoom Ratio: 10X
Angular Field of View: 21.8 X16.7 deg. at 32mm, 2.3 X 1.7 deg. at 320mm
Image Format: 12.8X9.6mm(D16mm)
Minimum Object Distance: 2.2m(From Front Vertex)
Object Dimensions at M.O.D.: 88.0X66.0cm at 32mm, 8.8X 6.5cm at 320mm
Flange Back : 17.526mm

Operation :
Zoom: Motorized(DC+/-6.4V, Max80mA), Speed Approx. 5.5sec.
Focus: Motorized(DC+/-6.4V, Max80mA), Speed Approx. 8sec.
Iris: Remote lris

Operation Temperature: -40 to +70
Mount: C-Mount(Adjustable Lens Position)
Front Thread: 77mm P0.75
Size, Weight: 117X100X176mm, Approx. 1.4kg

Lens . . . . . . . . . . . .1
Lens Cap . . . . . . . . .1
Dust Cap . . . . . . . . .1





The short-wave infrared imaging technology based on the InGaAs focal plane mainly has the following characteristics.
1. High sensitivity and high resolution in the near-infrared region of 900-1700nm
2. It can be observed under the glow of the night sky, imaging day and night, concealed lighting, and can see concealed lasers and beacons
3. No need for low temperature refrigeration, strong anti-seismic structure, suitable for changing environments.
4. Conventional visible light lens, focusing and aperture locking device can be used
5. Low image distortion, small size, low power, more suitable for machine vision FA field
6. It is used in site monitoring, early fire warning, forest fire prevention, driving vision enhancement, anti-counterfeiting security inspection, photovoltaic chip inspection, silicon-based semiconductor material and process inspection, laser optical inspection, industrial temperature measurement, chemical inspection, moisture monitoring, etc. field.