Thermal Imager/Visible Light Temperature Monitoring System HJK-2CW

Detector type: 324 x 256 uncooled vanadium oxide
Temperature measurement range: -20° C~ 350° C
Spectral range: 8 μm~ 14 μm
Temperature measurement accuracy: soil 2°C/soil 2%
Field of view: 9.26° x 7.32°
CCD sensor: 1/4" Super HAD-II CCD
Focal length: 50mm
Weight: 13kg
PTZ model: YS3051
More Details

Today, when urban security surveillance is widely used, the addition of infrared surveillance products can enable the public security system to discover various behaviors under the shadow of darkness. The anti-terrorism and public security criminals will no longer be affected by the darkness, and all kinds of crimes will be hidden from infrared thermal image monitoring.

The infrared thermal image monitoring adopts a fully enclosed design, and the product protection level can reach IP66, which is suitable for various outdoor environments. Infrared thermal image monitoring adopts standardized design, which fully meets common security system standards, and can be seamlessly connected to all security monitoring systems currently in use. Infrared thermal image monitoring adopts modular design of components, and a variety of component combinations can achieve a variety of product performance combinations , Suitable for different occasions.

The HJK-2CW thermal imager/visible light temperature measurement monitoring system adds the function of detecting the temperature of the target object, which can reflect the temperature of the center point and the highest temperature in the screen in real time, and is especially suitable for equipment safety monitoring of power transmission equipment, power plants, and substations .

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