TrackIR Handheld Thermal Imaging Monocular

TrackIR handheld thermal imaging monocular designed for professional hunters which include 3 optional lenses (25mm/35mm/50mm). With 400x300 IR sensor and 1280x960 HD display, it provides adaptable and excellent thermal imaging in any conditions. Support smooth zoom, built-in stadiametric rangefinder, image quality adjustment, picture-in-picture functions. At a high frame rate of 50Hz, TrackIR captures sharp thermal imaging throughout dynamic and rapid motion in distance. It also supports connecting accessories to realize more functions.
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Features and Benefits

1280×960 HD display for better comfort of viewing
•High resolution sensor ensures crisper image
•Support smooth zoom (1x ~4x)
•Can connect external accessories such as laser rangefinder, lighting, mobile power supply and etc
•Build-in stadiametricrangefinder
•User-friendly UI with quick menu, easy to operate
•Multiple Color Palettes for good vision in diverse environments
•Rugged and adaptable, IP66, 1-meter drop test



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