Type 95 Automatic Rifle Infrared Sight

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This equipment is suitable for QBZ95 type 5.8mm automatic rifle (QBZ95 type for short), QBZ95B type 5.8mm short automatic rifle (QBZ95B type for short), QBZ03 type 5.8mm short automatic rifle (QBZ03 type for short), QBZ95-1 type 5.8mm short automatic rifle There are five types of rifles (QBZ95-1 for short) and QBZ95B-1 5.8mm short automatic rifle (QBZ95B-1 for short).

The shooter can use the "control button" to select the gun type. So that individual shooters have the ability to observe, discover, and aim at targets all-weather under complex background conditions, so as to achieve all-weather individual combat.

System composition: infrared sight, gun mirror connection base, battery, carrying bag, etc.

Detector type: uncooled vanadium oxide
Uncooled vanadium oxide: 384X288 pixels (VOX 20μm)
Field of view: 13.7°X10.3°
Focusing adaptation range: 10m ~∞
Start-up time: t≤0.5min
Zero movement amount: ≤0.5min
Scale adjustment range: ≥±15mil
OLED display: 0.5 inches
Eyepiece magnification: 10 times
Diopter range: -4.5 ~ +4.5 diopters
Differentiation adjustment accuracy: 0.3mil
Eye point distance:> 35mm
Minimum resolvable temperature difference MRTD (1f0 spatial characteristic frequency): ≤400mk (room temperature)
Recognition distance (for people): ≥550m
Detection distance (for people): ≥700m
Battery: 18650 battery (two)
Continuous working time: ≥8 hours (room temperature)
Working temperature: -40C ~ 50°C
Storage temperature: -50C ~ 60°C
Weight: ≤520g
Protection level: IP 67
MTBF: ≥500h

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