Uncooled Infrared LWIR Thermal Imaging Core 640*512 320*216 12μm

The Uncooled infrared Core of Ecor Tech is widely used in Military, Industry, Public safety, Night Vision field

OEM/ODM is welcome to us. Please feel free to contact us if any inquiries.
More Details

Infrared detector:
The Detector type: Uncooled VoX
Resolution: 640×512
Spectral Band: 8~14μm
Pitch: 12μm
NETD < 50mK(@25℃ F#1.0)

E-Zoom: 1×~4×
polarity: White/black
The palette: 8 kinds of patterns
Frame frequency: 25Hz(PAL);30Hz(NTSC)
The image processing: Image filtering, digital image details(DDE)

The power supply:
voltage +5V
Power consumption ~1.5W
The startup time <10s

Video interface CVBS Video output
Digital video interface BT-656

Environmental Adaptability
The use of temperature: -40℃~+60℃
Storage temperature: -45℃~+70℃
Humidity: 5%~95%
Vibration: MIL STD-810F
Impact: MIL STD-810F

Size(mm)MAX 40(L)×32(W)×32(H) mm
Weight ~40g

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