Universal Microlight Gun Sight

Micro-optic Night Vision Gun Sight
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Product application:
The universal microlight gun sight is a lightweight, high-performance night sight, with a special interface that can be used with a sniper rifle.
Performance indicators:

A) range: 300 ~ 500m.
B) optical performance:
1) magnification: 3.3 times.
2) view: > 12 ゜
3) eye distance: no less than 25mm.
4) objective mirror: 50mm.
5) focus range: 10m ~ infinity.
6) visibility: -4d ~ +2D.
7) scope of adjustment of the microscope: not less than or minus 15.
The direction is not less than or minus 15.
8) division: light separation adjustment.
9) continuous working time: >60h.
C) weight: machine weight (including battery) < 700g.
D) size: 195mm * 80mm * 90mm.
E) operating voltage: 3V (dc)
F) power supply: two CR2 type batteries.

Product features:

Use the super 2 generation image enhancer and 3 times magnification to ensure the target is clear
The accuracy of internal division correction is good repeatability and stability.
Adopt the blind eye mask to ensure the product has good concealment
The product interface is easy to install and the structure is compact and firm.
The weight of the product is easy to shoot and aim
Optional special school gun, the school gun is convenient, ensure the target.

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