Universal Night Vision Gun Sight

The universal low-light gunsight is developed to meet the needs of anti-terrorism operations at night and in low-light environments. It has high definition, good combination of guns and mirrors, strong adaptability, reliability and durability, stable performance, and human-machine efficiency. Good, low-cost sighting equipment, suitable for close-range and precise shooting at night, and can solve the problem of rapid aiming and precise shooting at night from 25 meters to 100 meters. The fixture can be quickly changed to adapt to various gun types.
More Details

Magnification: 3.3X
Diopter: +2 diopter~-4D diopter
Field of view: 11°
Continuous working time: ≥60h
Working distance: 10m~400m
Total weight: 0.89kg
Resolution: ≥53lp/mm

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